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The very first thing- remove boundries that seperates one man from another.God is omni present, its better to search him in the heart then to search anywhere else. Its not so that you will not find him if you search him anywhere else, you will get him everywhere. Don't fear from him, just love him. Its useless to spend money in making temples rather make home for homeless. Help them who need your help. GOD IS NOT IN THE WAY YOU SEE HIM IN HIS PHOTOES EVERYWHERE, THOSE ARE HIS OLD PHOTOES, NOW HE LOOKS DIFFERENT, HE WEARS THE DRESS WHICH WE WEAR.HE IS PRESENT SOMEWHERE BESIDE YOU HE IS EVEN ON THIS SITE. dO YOU KNOW WHO IS THAT???? I KNOW.... SEARCH GOD IN PEOPLE AND ANIMALS YOU WILL SURELY GET HIM. I am really the messanger of god. infact the god, God is in me. Dont fear from God just love him.
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