Conversation between me and butterfly.
ME:hey,butterfly wait where are u going?
BUTTERFLY:I am going to  fly in the cool air that comes from the nature which was given by god.
ME:why you are going out for the cool air?come let's enjoy the coldness in the room by switching on AC. using ac we cannot  get the coolness that comes from the nature.
ME: Now a days  all are enjoying the coldness by using AC.It is the great invention which was invented by man.
BUTTERFLY:though it the great invention it is releasing cfc (poisonous gases) into the air which pollutes the environment and it is one of the causes for the o3 depletion.
ME:really I also will stop the usage of ac and i will tell the disadvantages to those who are using acs'
BUTTERFLY: that's  good.lets go and enjoy the beauty of the nature.