George is one of the two friends who accompany Jerome in his trip along Thames.He was a banker who had a very strict time schedule and who is already ready for a pint after hours. when he shows up for the vacation he is sporting his wild style and carrying a banjo. No one quite knows why George is carrying this ethereal(=very delicate and light and almost seeming not to be from this world) banjo. He can't play music. Therefore, despite his quirks, Jerome still considers George quite boring except for his ability to find pubs.
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HE was an employ in bank..  George who goes on a boating holiday with his friends loves to speak in medical term. He is considered lazy by his friends. He is ready to rest any time, anywhere. He is considered incapable of making sensible suggestions, but the narrator gives him credit for thinking sensibly at times. George creates a mess while packing the food items. He is in the habit of snoring. He is reluctant to do any work. He avoids it if he can. He along with Harris creates a mess while putting up the tent. Healthy meal has a great effect on him.