There was a child named abhishek . When he was small he would say  ''oh my mother is so ugly''as her mother doesn't have a eye .But every child says that their mothers are very nice so that's why he was somehow different.Then a day came when her marriage came even though he didn't loved his mother and on that day her mother didn't came to the marriage then the next day he asked his mother 'why didn't u came to my marriage '. She said I didn't came to the marriage because your guests would have get frightened .After some days his wife said if you love me bring your mother's heart.Then abhishek went to take his mother's heart. He then kills his mother and takes out her heart and goes , in the way he gets stuck in a car , the heart of her mother says that are you fine? And says you think that I am blind it's because you got an accident when you were very small so I thought that you have not seen the world still so I gave you my eyes . He then understands the value of his mother and he then realise that the lost time is never back...................

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