Question 1) How abacus and vedic maths help in mathematics?

Question 2) What NCERT has introduced in 10th class maths in the last 2 years?

Question 3) What our government is doing for education in India?

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1. Abacus and Vedic maths have been a great help in formal mathematics.
These help improve concentration and mental ability. Also using these techniques speed of doing maths is enhanced.

2. In the last two years NCERT has yet again brought out some changes in its text books, how ever the mathematics book for class 10 hasn't been changed much.
NCERT changed its books in 2006, back then some topics like "Banking" , "Compound interest" had been eliminated from the book.After that minor changes have been made, but not much.

3. Education is the corner stone for the development of any country.
  Our government too is doing lots for our education-
i. 4 percent of the total budget is spend on education.
ii. We have schools governed by state  and centre authorities.
iii. On a regular basis, every year the textbooks are re checked and changed according to needs.
iv. The government has implemented several schemes-
     - Sarva siksha abhiyan.
     -  Mid day meal.
     -  Rashtriya Madhyamik siksha abhiyan.
     - Rashtriya Ucchatar siksha abhiyan.
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