Yes, Girls education is given less priority than boys but it was minimised in now - a- days. From ancient days, the people are following this practice because they didnt want to pursue the education to their daughters. Mainly they believe that the girls just have to know how to cook and sweep. That's it. In their opinion, girls have to stay at home and look after it. They think that, spending money on their education would be just like dumping money into a garbage bin. 
                       These all are due to the lack of awareness on some parents those who feels that the girls would become burden to them and the people who have poor financial problems lead to this. To avoid this, the parents have to be councelled and they have to know the welfare schemes introduced by the governments like Anganwadi etc for children.
                  Mainly, the people prefer to provide education to boys, because they want to braing back the capital that they invested on their studies in the form of jobs. Another main reason the people believe is that if the girls become more educate
d and qualified than boys, then less qualified boys would not marry them. These are the some of the reasons that girls education is given less priority than boys.
                 But now it was mostly disappeared. People are trying to provide education to their children that may be a boy or a girl equally. Many rights were introduced to the children, in order to have their study. Therefore, Society 
provided equal rights and equal opportunities to both boys and girls.
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