Why don't you first write it on your own and post it and den we'll check it and c if der needs to b any dat way u will improve your writin as well as ur knowledge....and dis will also help in ur future.. trust me :) plz dnt take it in a negative a student myself im tellin u dis frm experience :) cuz i can write it and der wont b  a problm bt dat will nt help u as u will jus jot it'll b jus like copy patin and nuthin else....u kno wht im sayin ryt...
read the question, I wrote I need some help I didn't say that write the whole thing for me
so u forgot the format or u need sum points?
so u need sum points?
ok got it and i i rlly dint say dat u wer weak in eng or anythin...and if u think dat i did then im srry...