What do think about election 2014? a brief.

The 2014 election was the largest in world history. It was the first time in 30 years that a clear mandate was procured. the face of this election was undoubtedly Narendra modi, whose rags to riches story and development background earned him many supporters. It was also marred by the most disgraceful mudslinging iever, with political discourse sinking to new lows. It was characterized by a high turnout, showing that the indian public is waking up, which can only be good for all.


I think that the decision of these election is very good for india 
these can change image of india in world map 
Modi is a correct person for india PM
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Elections of the year 2014 were held on 7th of may  2014 and the Prime Minster that has been selected by the people of India is Narendra Modi