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Sachin Tendulkar:
Score 10,000 runs in one-day cricket, on the 31st of March 2001 the five-match series against Australia in the third match of the first batsman to record. He scored 34 in 266 matches and 259 innings when he reached the milestone. Tendulkar, 27, his amazing 12-year career, scored 28 centuries and 50 half centuries in his 10,000 created a world record. Without a doubt a genius, the little master of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis Pakistan against furious pace ODI and test matches against the 16-year-old started his international career. He then went to England as a part of the national team, and has not looked back since. Name strikes terror in the hearts of the bowlers all around the world. Follow the legacy of the great West Indian Viv Richards hailed as the master blaster, this guy has every shot in the book, and the world can kill any attack when in full swing. This guy can not do is nothing.

Narendra Modi:
The full name of Mr. Narendra Modi Narendra Modi Damodardas.Narendra Modi was born September 17 1950 NO.Mr. Narendra Modi as prime minister in 2014, 15th.
Due to the work of the people of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi 4 times in a row (2001 to 2014) elected Chief Minister. Gujarat Narendra Modi received a masters degree in political science from the University of evolution known to man, and is currently one of the country's most popular politicians.
Narendra Modi at the railway station in childhood Bataya hands of his father in selling tea. According to a school master of barnagar However Narendra was an average student status, but his greatest interest in debate and drama competitions also interested Thyliske political topics newer projects was to start.

India in the 20th century when the impact of racism in the country and spread the same time touched -cut April 14 18 9 1 of Babasaheb Ambedkar was born. Ramzi was the name of his father and mother Bimabai Skpal Mallozzi said. It was a poor untouchable family. Gaikwad ruler She studied at the University of Columbia, the United States selected for the Baba Ambedkar. After coming to New York City to Ambedkar graduate studies program of the Department of Political Science was admitted. 1 9 16 pH for their research D was awarded. This research his book "The Evolution of the Probisnl British India" as published. When the First World War when India Ambedkar have since returned to India. By the University of London, "Doctor of Science" was the title.DR. BR Ambedkar has contributed significantly to the creation of the Indian constitution. Ambedkar is called the Father of the Indian Constitution. BR Ambedkar became independent India's first law minister. India's highest civilian honor Ambedkar "Bharat Ratna" were also awarded. 
1 9 48 Saheb Ambedkar was suffering from diabetes. His final manuscript The Buddha and His Dhamma, completing the three-day September 1 after 6 to 9, 56, he passed away.

Munshi Premchand:
Our country has many authors. One of them most famous Hindi literature Hindi-read and popular writer Premchand, who live in a variety of stories and novels have a strong foundation. Their stories of Indian society are based on prejudices and Vidmbnao.
Munshi Premchand Lmahi village near Varanasi law's birth in 1880 was 31 th July. Munshi Premchand law's original name was Srivastava Dnpt opinion. At the suggestion of his dear friend instead of your name Dnptray moon called love stories and novels. Munshi Premchand G Hindu and Urdu are one of the great writers.
His father's name was Ajayev . His father was in the post office surveillance. His mother's name was Happy. Child marriage was the norm at that time. So at age 15, was married to Prem Chand Ji. When Gandhi launched the Non-cooperation movement against British Ghandhi influenced by thoughts of living and because of love of country, he resigned from his government job.Munshi Premchand Minister of famous novels such as Seva Sadan, Nirmala, warehouse, embezzlement, Karmabhoomi and amphitheater heads.
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MS Dhoni-Under his captaincy India have won the the ODI World
Cup (2011) as well as the Twenty20 World Cup (2007). 
He even led his team to the No.1 spot in Test ranking, a 
feat that had never been achieved by the Indian Team. 
Dhoni for his efforts has been awarded the ICC ODI 
Player of the Year award for two consecutive years in 
2008 and 2009 and is also the recipient of the Rajiv 
Gandhi Khel Ratna award and the Padma Shri, India's 
fourth civilian honour in 2009.