From the list given below, choose the suitable techniques to obtain the components in
each mixture.
(distillation, fractional distillation, sublimation, chromatography, separating funnel, filtration)
a) Water from ink. ________
b) Iodine from the mixture of iodine and sand. ________
c) Water from mixture of kerosene and water. ________
d) Water from the mixture of alcohol and water. ________
e) Benzene from the mixture of Benzene and Toluene. ________
f) Sand from the suspension of sand and water. ________
g) Common salt from its solution with water. ________



b)Iodine is a sublime. So, by using sublimation we can separate iodine from sand. And after that we can condense the iodine to get the iodine back. 
c)Since water boils at 100 degree centigrade and kerosene needs more than 100 degree centigrade to boil up. So by distillation we can separate them.
e) Distillation
f)Sedimentation and Evaporation 
g) Evaporation
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A) Chromatography
b) Sublimation (Iodine is sublime)
c) Separating funnel (Water and kerosene are immiscible) 
d) Fractional distillation (Boiling point is different)
e) Fractional distillation (Boiling point is different)
f) Filtration (Sand will remain on filter paper)
g) Distillation (salt will remain after all water is boiled off)