The chuck hooper met with an accident and then he was completely paralysed by the left side. He when came home then the duke was also sent home after 4 months. He got to know that his master is not well. Then he go near him bed and shimmed. From that day onwards hopper and duke started doing exercise and walking. And then hooper can move himself by own. At last duke die in an accident with a vehicle.
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Chuck was an zonal manager of a chemical company.One day he met an accident which make his left side of body completely paralysed.He spent about one month in very critical condition. He got leave from his company for one year.Time was passing out,Duke (a dog ) and his wife Marcy help him a lot.Duke move him from one place to another.After some months Chuck was slightly able to stand up.Duke and Marcy helped him a lot.After one year he was Previous Chuck Hooper .And he got promotion in his job.He became national sales manager of chemical company. One day Duke was injured severely in car accidents,Hooper was unable to help him and Duke died.........
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