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Properties of Solids :-

1-Solids have fixed Shape and fixed volume.
2-Solids can not be compressed much.
3-Solids have high density.They are heavy.
4-Solids do not fill their container completely.
5-Solids do not flow.

Properties of Liquids:-

1-fixed volume butno fixed shape .Liquids take shape of vessels in which they are kept.
2-Like solids,liquids cannot be compressed much.
3-Liquids have high densities but lesser than solids
4-Liquids do not fill their container completely.
5-Liquids generally flow easily.

Properties of Gases:-

1 -They are easy to compress
 2- They expand to fill their containers  
3- They occupy far more space than the liquids or solids from which they form.
4-They have low densities.
5-Gases can flow easily

1) solids have fixed shape, size and volume
2) they are less compressible
3) they are less diffusible

1) liquids have a definite size and volume
2) they take the shape of the container
3) they are our highly compressible when compared to solids
4) they are moderately diffusible

1) liquids to not have a definite shape size and volume
2) they take the shape of the container
3) they are highly diffusible
4) they are highly compressible