1: Hey! Did you hear about Nestle's Maggi noodles?
2: No. What happened? 
1: Well it has been found that there is excess of lead in it which stops the growth in kids and can also cause many other diseases.
2: What! I don't believe this!
1: Yes I know it's hard to believe but it's 100% true.
2: Well has anyone done anything about it then?
1: Of course. Maggi is now banned in all states in India.
2: Oh! That's sad. It's every kid's favourite food and people associate so many things in their life with it. Like "You don't have anything to eat? Why fear when Maggi is here". I for one am going to miss it so much.
1: Yes that's true. But because of this many of the other products which are unsafe for consumption are coming into light.
2: Wow! That is a really great thing. It is for the best, isn't it?
1: Exactly!
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