By now you have crossed the first few years at school. in fact, you are between the early school tears and the high school years. write about any memories that you have of your first dat at school. :)

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As i remember ,in my early periods when i was in nursery there was something happened and that was very dangerous . but i and friends didn't knew what it's.we were very scared.and what we call it a khanewala ped . because of it we were not going towards the trees. we were even scaring to the grass. and we were not going outside to eat our tiffins.we were very scared and were telling everyone about it . but then a senior didi came and told us about it .till today also i fear to go near the large and big trees .
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I along with all my classmates were made to put down our heads because there was a great noise in the class. this seemed very strange to me. I still remember the lines i thought at that movement - "ye kya ho raha hai".
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