Write a dialog between you and your father where you are convincing your father to let go on trip.

just go and ask your father i wannna go on a trip ,then note down the dialogues :P
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you : dad i want to go to a trip with my friends to goa .

dad : we have already visited this place dear .

you : but this is the last year of my school .

dad : will the place change if u go for the second time ?

you : as I will be going with my friends there will be lot of fun and I want make some memorable moments in the last few days of my school .

dad : when u go with us u leave your things here n there . How will u manage when u go alone .

you :this is the way how i will know how to live and manage my own things even if i make mistakes .

dad : ok . go ahead

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 tina: i want to talk with you you about a trip

dad: yes tell me  about it. where is the trip

tina: the trip is to kingdom of  dreams

dad: but we have aldready gone there once

tina; but dad i went with the family this time i want to go with my friends they are all saying me to come as they are all going. dad can i please go.

dad: but how can you take care of your self there. last time we went you lost something there remember

tina: please dad i want to go. i promise i will not do anything that will dissopoint you .

dad: ok you can go but first promise me that after coming back from the trip you will read your whole science book in 3 days as your holidays will be started then.

tina: ok dad i will do as you say thankyou dad. i love you dad.

hope you like it and it helps you
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