(1) Alarm clock rings - Compression forces vibrating the air molecules creating the sounds that reaches your ear and disturbs your sleep. 

(2) Getting out of bed - overcoming the forces of gravity that's keeping you down on your bed. 

(3) Putting on your sweater and getting a shock - electric charges builds up as you rub your clothes against your body, and then the electric force compels are the negative charges to combine with the positive charges and then you get a nasty shock. 

(4) Putting a message on the refrigerator and pinning it with a magnet - this is the magnetic force from a permanent magnet that attracts other ferromagnetic material such as iron, nickel and colbalt. 

(5) Going on a ride in a amusement park that spins your around and around - centripedal force is the force you feel pushing you outwards as your spin around having great fun!
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