Environment is important for all living beings-men, animals and plants. We are living in an age of science. Road vehicles are very common these days. They run using petrol. Petrol fumes let out vehicles are the biggest source of pollution. Factories are there in every regions these days. The smoke let out by the factory chimneys is the other big source of the pollution of air.
Besides, water is also being contaminated in various ways. the sewage from house latrines is the biggest source of pollution of water. Factories also dump their wastes and chemical wastes in the nearby water bodies.
The third thing being polluted is the food we eat. Pesticides are being used to keep the pests away from the crops. These pesticides are chemicals that polluted our food sources if used carelessly.
Thus the three things that are our basic needs, are being polluted constantly. As a result, pollution of the environment has become a problem.

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