Good morning to all. Today I am going to express my views on the topic pollution . *We call earth our mother, don't we? Why then do we forget that as a living being, she needs to breathe and breathe well? She is feeling choked with smoke, dirt and toxic chemicals! * how would we feel if some cut down the veins of our lungs? Won't we die? Isn't it the same with our earth when we cut down its lungs- the forests? How come we cannot see the earth in tears which she sheds in the form of melting polar ice? How long will we try her patience before she bogs down under the burden of burgeoning population, unrestricted urbanisation, loss of forest cover and the depletion of its bio-diversity? * if we want Mother Earth to live on, weust keep the quality of different elements- air, water and soil- free from pollution. We must protect her rich and diverse flora and fauna at any cost. Otherwise she will cease to exist and so will we! Thank you and have a nice day