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indus valley civilization is also known as the harappan flourished in the early 3300 BCE.

the first cite to be excavated was harappa.this is the reason for calling the indus valley civilization as harappan civilization.

this civilization mostly was composed of modern pakistan and the northeastern parts of india.this civilization is actually a bronze age civilization.

the excavation of rakhigarhi was followed by them.the other sites that were excavated were dholavira , cholistan and ganeriwala.

the people of the indus valley had an excellent and well planned drainage system.the kitchens and the bathrooms had drains connnected to the street drains.

the street drains ran along the side of the streets and are usually covered.they had manholes at regular intervals for cleaning.

the drainage system proves that the people of the indus valley paid great attention to cleanliness and sanitation.

the indus valley cities were well planned.the main streets ran parallel to each other , cut at right angles by smaller streets , dividing the cities into rectangular blocks .

the main roads were and wide  ( about 30 feet ) and curved at the corners to allow carts to pass easily.the streets were often paved with baked bricks.
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