My favorite website is I can surf on it hours together.
I like it very much. It is the world's best search engine. Here, you can find many new things to learn about. this search covers all topics all through the world.

  Google has today become a multi- billionaire company due to this website. What you have to do is to just type about what you want to know and lo comes the answer. Also, it links many different websites according to priority which is decided by the word you type. You may also search videos and find images there.
  Also to can change various units of temperature, weight, mass etc. Today, Google has updated very much to give language transfer to people which means people can convert words of one language into another.
  It is a multi-tasking website with many uses. Using it is also so much fun. Also, Google today uses Google Doodles to inform people about events of the world. In short, I thing it is the king of all websites and so I lie it very much.