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Kal kanan kundal morpakha ur paa banmal birajati hai.
kalindi kool kadamb ki darni.
kayar karoor kapoot kuchali yun hi mar jaate hai.
kankan kinkin nupur dhuni suni.
tarni tanuja tat tamal taruvar bahu chaye.
mudit mahipati mandir aaye.
madhur madhur muskan manohar ,manuj vesh ka ujiyala.
charu chandra ki chancal kirane khel rahe the jal-thal me
bal biloki bahut main bacha.
kanan kathin bhayankar bhari,ghor gam vari byari
i have given 10 examples of anupras alankar but it is not from sparsh poems
because i do not know the poems u can try ti find it out yourself with these examples
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