(x+5)/6 (x+1)/9 = (x+3)/4 Solve the equation

There should be
if we taken as multiplication then we get the value as in two ways. let i solve
okk but the answer may/may not come...Let me join as well
no the answer will nt come if we taken into multiples
Then we are helpless ri8?


For the given question the answer will come as 
(x^2 +x + 5x + 5) /54 = (x +3) /4      [multiplying]
taking cross multiply again we get 
4x^2 + 24x + 20 = 54x + 162 
4x^2 - 30x - 142 
divide by 2 
2x^2 - 15x - 71
Its incomplete
we use quadratic formula to find, how u find that the answer will come different
u may as kvnmurty he can solve these types of eqns
or maybe the ques will be deleted