Rohit has 1200 apple trees in his garden.He estimates that 360 apples were produced by each tree.he packed 400 apples in a box.How many boxes did he use or packing all the apples ? if he loaded 270 boxes in a truck,how many trucks did he hire?

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Total tree=1200
apple produce by each tree=360
total apple 1200x360 = 432000 apple
one box contain 400 apple 
total box= 1080
one truck contain =270 box
for 1080 
total truck= 4 truck
2 4 2
1 apple trees=360
1200 apples trees=360*1200=432000
400 apples in =I box
1 apple in =1/400 box
432000 apples in =432000*1/400 boxes=1080 boxes
270 boxes in= 1 truck
1 box=1/270 truck
1080 boxes in =1080* 1/270 trucks=4 trucks

Rohit has to hire 4 trucks 
1 4 1