Pen is made out of the idea of pencil.

Pen and pencil conversing with each other

PEN:you Know pencil I am greater than you.
PENCIL:why?people also using me. I am also useful.
PEN:Though you are useful ,I am more useful than you. I am useful to the people who are doing jobs and to  students.but they  use you very moderately.
PENCIL:I am useful to the kids. The people who are doing jobs and the students of higher classes also learn the writing  by pencil.
PEN:you are useful to the kids.what a silly joke.
PENCIL:Kids have pleasant heart and they are like the butterflies in a garden.If they wrote any mistake by using me they can erase their mistakes by using you they cannot erase their mistakes.
PENCIL:I am feeling shy.SORRY.