We use science in ways we don't even think about. As an example, we use bulbs to light our house, medicine for our aches and pains, gas and vehicles to get from place to place. the tv we watch,the other electronic devices without which we even cannot think of our lives.
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The 15 applications of science we use in daily life are:-
1.when morning we woke up we see time through clock or watch
2.we use brush 
3.we use paste for brushing
4.we use showers for bathing 
5.we use soap
6.we use clothes daily
6.we use fans and airconditioners
7.we use stoves for cooking
8.we use shampoo to wash our hair
9.we use t.v for entertainment
10.we use internet for various purposes
11.we use paper for writing and to represent our views
12.we use pens and pencils to write
13.the houses which we live 
14.instant food
15.we use medicines to cure diseases