Dialouge between teacher and a student discussing about the doubt in compostion topic..

yeah sme here ..
its about a teacher and a student ie. the student is not able to understand the format of a topic soo he/she wants d proper guidance about d format like page limit steps and stages presentation topic etc
What we have to answer
i jst want help lyk wat should be d point 2 start wid n ending


In the class room,
student: excuse me, ma'am. I wanted to know about the composition competition on Tuesday.
teacher: ok. The composition should not be more than 1.5 pages. It should have a good beginning and an ending too. It should describe the scene with a correct grammar and good literature. That is all.
student: ma'am, I have one more question.
teacher: yes?
student: please give me the marking scheme of the composition.
teacher: take this sheet. It explains the marking scheme. your marking will be based on the content, vocabulary, time limit, etc.
student: thank you ma'am for your precious time.

try to make a sketch h of the marking scheme sheet.
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