Green india and clean india is a good india to improve the bad condition of india. It is also a sign of development for a country. Keeping country clean and green will help us to live longer like our ancestors. Today , technology has automatically affected our day to day life. Today man can reach the moon or he can communicate with others ( who live outside their country ) within seconds. But desperately , No body has the idea of keeping india clean. Every body are busy in their work. So we must remember that keeping country neat and clean is like keeping our homes clean. Also their are many benefits for keeping surroundings clean. Keeping surroundings clean consequences greenery in our surroundings . Also , keeping clean will never bring harmful diseases in our society. Atleast, we have to spend 2 - 3 hrs in cleaning our surroundings . Today , Government of india is also taking many precautions to avoid this mess. Our honourable prime minister, Narendra Modi has recently launched a programme named " swacch bharat" (2015-2019) . Its main aim is to keep india clean. So let us be a part of swacch bharat and help our india to become clean and green. I hope our india will become like the western countries soon if we do our duty effectively.

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Clean India campaign was a huge step in the direction taken in India. It has a good effect in our live shows. It also keeps us healthy is the first under the clean clothes, to brush, bathe and clean it every day to keep us means. Generally showing a great influence on our health, increase in the mosquito population, which throw out the trash in our environment. We use dust bins if we did not get any type of infection or viral diseases to clean our toilets malaria, dengue would be no problem. 
         We keep our city clean if we will not be affected by many diseases. Therefore, to protect India's cleanly. regarding the problems we are facing today due to uncleanliness and as per gandhiji's aim, It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that we should give something back that says Gandhi gave us freedom. Gandhi wanted more freedom and cleanliness were two things. So our prime mission is a tribute to India, Gandhi said the swacch Bharat motto of our country is clean and completely reduces pollution, which is to be planted with trees which is a campaign.
                Symptoms include loss in healthy people is pollution and clean environment. According to the Clean India campaign to clean and keep clean India is a mission started by our government. Our current prime minister Narendra Modi for Clean India Mission 2014 was launched on October 2nd and they take the challenge and nine more people nominate and so join the famous people from all walks of life has been further enhanced since then. Clean India Independence Day declared mission was launched on October 2.
                         In order to this we have to keep our surroundings clean and green and also we have to be clean ourselves. and we have to say about this to all by placing meetings where public are more and have to show on telivisions in the form of advertisements. such that we can see the awareness on people  and we can get our india as clean easily 
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