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Aim: to find the specific heat of given solid.

Materials required : Calorimeter,termometer,stirrer,water,steam heater,wodden box and lead shot's.

Procedure : 

1) Measure the mass of the calorimeter along with stirrer.Mass of calorimeter ,m1= 

2) Now fill one third of the volume of calorimeter with water.Measure its mass and it's temperature .

mass of calori meter with water,m2=

therefore,mass of water ,m2-m1=___________

temprerature of water ,T1 =____________ 

3) take a few lead shots and place them in a hot water or steam heater . heat them upto a temparature 100degree centigrate .let this temparature be T2.

4) transfer the hot lead shots quickly into the calori meter (with minimum loss of heat).we will observe that the mixture settels to a a certain  temparature after some time.
5) measure this temparature T3 and mass of calorimeter along with contents 

mass of the calorimeter along with contents,m3 =____________

mass of the lead shots m3-m2=_____

6) since there is no loss of heat to surroundings,we can assume that the entire heat lost by the solid is transferd to the calorimeter and water to reach the final temparature.

7) let the specific heats of the calori meter , lead shots and water be Sc,Sl,Sw respectively according to the method of mixtures we know that

Heat lost by the body=Heat gain by the calorimeter + heat gain by the Water

8) knowing the specific heats of calorimeter and water, we can calluculate the specific heat of the solid (lead shots).

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