Once there lived a small but happy family consisting of a father, a mother and two kids. One and the elder was a girl and the other a boy. The girl was 15 years old (Neetu) and her brother was 12 years old(Nikhil). Their family was a middle class family with an average income. They lived happily with their small dreams. Once Neetu  was ill they took her to the hospital. After all the check-ups the doctors came up with a report that she was suffering from blood cancer. This was the second last stage and she can be cured if they can spend 15 lakhs for her treatment. All the happiness of their family was gone. A family with an average income can't come up with such a large amount. Still her dad took a loan and then spent that money for her treatment. At last they lost her. Nikhil was very attached to his sister. He cant bear the sadness. Their family with such a large debt became poor. Nikhil's dad could not repay it and had a suicide leaving all the debts on Nikhil's shoulders. He was very small and very creative.He was very good at studies. Usually stood first at the class, but with his father's death he could not study. Seeing his difficulties the school management provided his a scholarship every month and exempted him from the fees. This improved his condition, he could study now and take care of his Mom. With this help he studied very well and become a good government official. He helped those students who study well but had no sources for their studies. He lived a happy life helping the needy people.
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