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In The poem The Solitary Reaper,Wordsworth describes a memorable experience of his life.One day he happened to see a highland girl reaping and singing all alone in the field.The entire valley echoed with the song of the solitary  reaper.The song was so melodious that the poet stood there spellbound.

The poet is so fascinated by the sweet song of the solitary reaper that he thinks that the song of the solitary reaper is more melodious than the song of night tingle.He further adds that the song of the solitary  reaper is more melodious than that of cuckoo,Through the song poet does not understand the language of the song,he stands motionless and still listens to her song.Then he mounts up the hill but  the solitary reaper's song continues to haunt him long after

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This poem was written by william Wordsworth. This poem sets up a beautiful atmosphere in the highlands where a girl was singing a sad song. Her song was so heart touching that any one passing by should stop and listen her or jst 'gently passby'.
The whole valley seemed to overflow with its sound. 
He was struck by the 'sad beauty' of the song. She stood there mesmerized.
Wordsworth compared her singing with that or a nightangle and a cuckoo bird.To wordsworth her song was too thrilling to be heard.He loved that song, but he could'nt understand any of it.
He wonders about what she might be sing about.He realized that her song will never end.He just goes on waching her sing the melodious song transfixed.
At the end, he quietly walks away.
That song has left unforgetteble impressions in his innermost core of his heart.

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That he does not understand what she sings and is asking others to tell him the theme of her song. He guesses - it may be a sad song about some old, sad, far off things or any battles fought long ago, or I it may be some ordinary song about some familiar matters of the present day or about any sorrow, loss or pain that took place in the past or can happen in the upcoming future. He now says that whatever be the theme her song was never ending and she sang beautifully and immersed in the song
While she worked. The poet concludes that he listened to the song still and immersed and while he climbed up the hill the music was still there in his heart even after a long time when it was not heard. This poem is a lyrical ballad and the rhyming scheme is ababccdd. William wordsworth was a great romantic poet and he defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.
In the 2nd para there is no tells before asks. Then in the the same paragraph there is no that after readers
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