1)when the nationalist Assembly busy at Bastille grafting a constitution with rest of France seethed with turmoil
2)a severe winter had ment a bad harvest ,the price of the bread rose often bakers exploited the situation and hoarded supplies
3)after spreading hours in long queues at the bakery crowds shops .At the same time the king ordered the troop to move
into Paris.
4)on 14th July the educated crowd stormed and destroyed the Bastille.
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I think the exact answer would be : The fall of Bastille was due to the rumours that were spread that the king Louis 16 would soon order the army to open fire upon the citizens. Yet the Bastille was hated by all because it stood for the despotic power of the monarch.
Second reason can be the subsistence crisis during old regime. The high prices of bread and low pace in the harvest.
The third reason can be the division of the French Society into three estates FIRST ESTATE(CLERGY), SECOND ESTATE(NOBLES) AND THIRD ESTATE(LANDLORDS, PEASANTS, ARTISANS, etc.)
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