My school bag is always filled with books. that books are too intresting and I love my school bag as it is in my favourite colour i.e purple . I have bought it for 350 rupees. i'm excited to use it. I've promised my mom that i'll be keeping my bag clean. my bag have 3 pockets . and any one doesn't know that i've another pocket. that pocket is for keeping my drawings and its attached to the bag secretely. i used to treat my bag as my sibling 

finally i love my bag......

Hope this may helps uu......
I have a very beautiful school bag. it is ............... in colour. my friend/mother/father/other bought this bag. there are ......... pockets in my bag. my bag has one/two pocket for water bottle. I put everything in my bag from my books to tiffin and water-bottle. my bag is very spacious. I love my bag very much. i take it to school everyday with necessary objects for school. I keep my school bag cleanly . without my school bag i cannot go to school. so i have aspecial bond with my bag.
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