Deep sea divers wear specially designed suits to breathe evenly underwater.
Also , below sea level , the atmospheric pressure is very very high which is much more than the air pressure subjected by our body.If those suits weren't worn , people would have been squatted flat the moment they'd touch the sea bed.

That is why even free divers don't go too much underwater.
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The sea divers are subject to extreme pressure under sea or water. The column of water exerts a great pressure on the divers. So they wear such specisl suits which helps them to get through the pressure. The suit also seeks the aerodynamics which helps the divers to cut through the u know that the divers dont go deep and even if they go the fo not tend to comr fast to the surface as a sudden change in the pressure will affect their blood pressure and lead to their ultimate death.If the divers do go much deep the are placed in a special tank in which the pressure could be controlled .
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