Electrolysis is an electro-chemical process in which electrical energy decompose compounds.

Take CuSO4 in a beaker.
Pass electric current through it.
It decomposes.
actually i needed an activity with step by step to prove this
i gave you FAA then
i have given

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let us take 
copper sulphate solution in a beaker
when electric current passes through it it decomposes into cu+2 and so4 ion is -4
as copper and sulphate are divalent they carry 2 units of positive and negative charge respectively
so cu+2 ions are attracted by cathode
on reaching cathode they reacieve 2 electrons per ion from cathode surface and become lectrically nuetrall
they are depositedon cathode,similarly sulphate ions are attracted by an anode
on reaching anode they give up 2 electrons to anode
at same time plaese remembet that the sulphate reacts with copper in anode and forms cus04 which goes into solution
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