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My first visit to a Baoli was in Delhi, around a year back. A heritage walk through Mehrauli Archaeological Parkintroduced me to the first Baoli in my life: Rajon-ki-Baoli (above). Like a first love, it still remains my favourite Baoli. If you visit me in Delhi, I will take you there, like it or not.A Baoli, or a step-well is built around a well. For those who haven’t seen a well, its a few feet wide man made hole, dug deep into the earth (some 50+ feet or more deep), till enough water is found. Or you may say, a miniature but deep pond. There are many shapes and sizes of a Baoli.  Some circular, some rectangular, some are L-shaped and some are even helical! – Baolis also tells us the tale of an advanced skill force from the bygone era. 
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