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A friend in need is a friend in deed. It means that a friend is someone who helps you in your difficulties. It is not necessary that a friend should be a person from your own class or who lives near you. But it is important that a friend should be someone who listens to you and corrects you.  This weekend I have invited my friend home. We all have many friends, we also have a special friend. I too have a special friend. I like her because whenever I feel sad, I can talk to her. She listens to my problems. She tells me what is right and wrong. We play together. We share our toys and things with each other. We often call each other. I feel it is important that our parents should know our friends, so that we maintain a healthy and strong friendship. Now our parents are also good friends.
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                             TELEVISION A FOE OR A FRIEND
Television is something that most of us cannot live without in today's world .
We generally get bored if there's no television around and we cannot think of anything else to do. But this television has many positive and negative side effects.
It is a great thing if used properly. We can learn a lot by watching t.v . It is not only the information channels from which we can learn. Talk shows help us to boost our public speaking skills.
On the other hand people call it an '' idiot box'' as when children get addicted to it , they fell like watching it for a really long time. Now a days people have their food watching televisions. Meal time which used to be family time has now become ''T.V TIME'' .
The amount of physical activity is reduced if  there is too much of addiction.
It can be both , friend or a foe depebding on the usage.