TV Show - Boon or Bane.
      Now - a - days telivision became the world for more people. This is due to the entertainment they give through the movies, reality shows, programmes etc. They became a part of our day to day life. Especially the shows that was broadcast by the channels were attracting the people towards it. When we come to the shows, some are good to see which gives us knowledge, some entertains us, where as some are worst that cant seen ever. The shows like kaun banega crorepati gives a lot of knowledge and entertainment where as the comedy shows like comedy nights with kapil and reality shows like CID etc. attracting children towards them which makes the children mentally relax. It is good but moreover these shows are addicting children towards Telivision too such that they cant able to concentrate on studies. So, TV shows are boon to us as well as bane too. So, Using anything in a limit way is the correct thing :)
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