Yessss, still sum people r ablable in our society who r doing such aa things but they r not thinking that grilsss hasss only made there county freee from British more than the boy there is the hand of girlsss ........ Not only this in many other things girlss rrrrr more forward than boyssss...... One girl is only giving birth tooooo a new born baby ... Not only this aaaa girl is only called mummmy ..... And aaa file is only aaaa women who alwaysss stand with her husband..... I our society girlsssss position iss higher than aaaa a boysssss but no one can understand this.....
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                                                -by Ayushi
Date:-29 June 15
Every parent in this world want children whether girl or boy but there are some families they want girl child or boy child.In most of the cases they want boy child because of the pressure of the families and they avoid girl child which led to female foeticide .We also know about the discrimination that is faced by girls rather than the boys.Boys are allowed to do everything whereas girls are not allowed to do everything such as boys are allowed to ride bike and girls are not.Girls have to do household works but do not have to do.In most of the families girls are not given the chance of higher education whereas boys get the chance.Girls are forced to do marriage whereas boys do not have this pressure.In the eyes of the government both girls and boys are equal.but the problem is the society .Society do not see both girls and boys as same they see bays and girls in different manner .They have only read that girl can do but it is reality that girl can do same thing or more than it from boys.So ,educate girls,give them chance to learn they will surely fly with a great mix of colours
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