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1) Why ice at 0 degree Celsius is found to be colder than water at 0 degree Celsius?
2) Water Vapour or steam is colorless but the steam coming out from the spout of a kettle is seen to be white. why?
3) In summer, dogs pant by hanging their tongues. Why?
4) Fire is extinguished by pouring water. Why?
5) What is the difference between boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius and same amount of steam at the same temperature?
6) Water is kept cool in summer time by using a earthen pot. Why?
7) Write the difference between evaporation and boiling.

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1) Ice at zero degree celsius is found to be colder than water at zero degree celsius because the heat absorbed by ice at zero degree celsius is used to over come the force of attraction between the molecules whereas the heat absorbed by water at 0 degree celsisus is used by water to rise the temperature
2) water vapour or steam is usually colorless but when it is coming out of the spout of the kettle it seem to be white in color because when steam comes out from the spout of the kettle all the molecules come closer and collide with each other to come out of the kettle the force with which they come outside is very high when compared to the force inside the kettle thus it appears to be white in color
3) A dog hangs his tongue out of the mouth in order to regulate heat as the moisture on the tongue will make the blood flow to be cooler. The tongue will become bigger because of the increase in the flow of blood. A dog will also use its tongue to clean its body and fur
4) fire is extinguished by pouring water because water has the highest specific heat capacity therefore it absorbs all the heat from the fire and turns into water vapour and results in putting of the fire
5)when water is kept in an earthen pot the small pores on the surface of the pot allow air to go inside the pot and again come out this results in the cooling of water as water gives out heat energy to the cool air and becomes cool this is because of water having highest specific heat capacity
6) Boiling water at 100 degree celsius has less heat energy when compared to steam at 100 degree celsius because water at 100 degree celsius utilizes heat enegy for change in state but steam at 100 degree celcius utilizes heat for change in temperature
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