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Dear father
hello dad how are you. i hoope you are fine. my college has organized a trip

i need some money for the trip. the trip is to manali. i want to go with my friends they have all decided. i want to go to . we will be camping their for 5 days. i want to go the cost id 1000. please i want to go the trip date is 30th may 2014. and the last date of money submission is 29 may 2014.
you you agree please send me money and reply .  i missyou and mon. convey my regards to mom and sister.
yours lovingly
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i meant to say it
sorry think it's too late that's why i can't edit it now .
it's okyy.. :)
; )
:P ;) :P byee!!
0dear daddy
hi how are you. are you well now i wanted to talk with you about that trip.

the trip is to kingdom of dreams . we will be seeing the cultural gully and many things there. the cost of this is 500  plus they have told to send rs 500 for buying some things the will also be providing 400 rs from their side. please if you want me to go please reply and send the amount of money
yours faithfully