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1) The removal of weeds is called weeding.
2)Weeding is necessary since weeds complete with the crop plant for water nutrients,space and light Thus,they affect the growth of the crop.
3)Tilling before sowing of crops helps in uprooting and killing of weeds.
4)Weeds are also controlled by using certain chemicals,called weedicides    

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Weeding are plants but they are the unwanted plants.     
                                                                                                                              these make the soil poor in minerals and depriives the crop in its mineral needs

.the process of taking out theses weeds are called weeding.

w<span class="_wysihtml5-temp-placeholder"></span>eeding can be done by :
it is the most common method
it takes time
- use of herbicides
these are chemicals which are poisonous for the weeds
they do not affect crop plants
trichloroacetate is a weedicide5

-biological control
some worms and insects have a special liking for certain weeds on which they flourish well, eating and killing them
they do not harm the crop
these organisms are cultured and reared on weeds

 weeding is nessecary as weeds compete with the crop

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