Here we can use the formula 1/2 (N+B-C)... where N is number of valence electron in central atom....b is no atoms surrounding it and c is the charge on atom...

Hence 1/2 (5+4-1)=1/2 * 8 =4

and hence hybridisation is sp3...

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plz mrk brainliest if u lyk d answer
there is no formula like this
there is formula my which class u r??
I want to give you a tips for your question.

as we know the valence electron of nitrogen is 5 and we have one positive sign so,
5 - 1= 4.
we dont need to count the valence electron of oxygen.
therefore as the answer is 4, its hybridisation is sp3.

practice it by using this tips.. hope you will like it.