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Introduction--In the novel " The Canterville Ghost " it is Virginia who acts as thr angel of mercy and conveys Oscar Wilde's moral message of importance of love and forgiveness.
Virginia becokes the vehicle , the touchstone, a young girl , who achieves the impossible task of transforming a murderer into one desperate for salvation.

Incident - Unlike the rest of her family , Virginia does not ridicule , laugh , trick or trouble him. She is sensitive enough to feel his misery , a friend to recognise his distress , a human being to reach out to him . She listens to him, learns an important lesson , as well as true meaning behind the riddle . She agrees to weep for him as he has no tears , prays as he has no faith and accompanies him to the angel of death and begs for mercy for him . She risks her life , goes bravely through the wainscotting and goes with him to the garden of Death.

Result- Virginia's ability to accept Sir Simon leads to her enlightenment . Sir Simon taught her , "What life is , what Death signifies and why love is stronger than both." She not only deserves the jewels but is also blessed with a loving husband and the promise of future happiness . She had only seen a repentent soul , not a murderer . So he is granted forguveness and ultimately rests in peace.

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