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in the first line mili panch should be writen in hindi
yes but i was not able to do it because of some technical errors in my laptop
but panch is 5
oh i get it
Once there lived two friends , one was said only truth . but another was a selfish man . one day they went to hunt in a forest .while the selfish man gone to a pond  for drinking water , he saw a pot floting from water . he looked in it , it was filled with gold coins ,saw he ran away without showing to the thruthfull man .then he went to search of another he also saw another pot .he gone to the selfish man`s home and gave the half of the coins . the selfish man understood his friend ,then he also gave half of it .then they became thruthfull friends .                                                                                     MORAL :HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY ...............
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