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* word holiday is pleasing to our ears .
* object of holidays .
* healthy exercises and games .
* visiting new places .
* reading .
* social service .
* conclusion .
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Vacations are the days in which we enjoy ourselves with our friends, family and relatives. I enjoyed my last summer vacation with total fun. My father decided to got to jhodhpur in rajasthan. Their lived our relatives. We liked the place very much. We saw the puppet dance, the fort , museum etc. It was very enjoyable. After having the fun of fort, museum and puppet dance etc. We went to jodhpur's market. There we bought lots of things like phone covers, clothes, footwear, antique pieces, key rings and some more small beautiful things for my frnds. But noy only this, after the tourism place when we came back to our sweet home, I enjoyed there also a lot. I helped m,y mother in her house hold works. As it was summer vacations there was a lot of holidays homework so Completed my work on time and in evening  I went to the park to play with my friends. So this way I enjoyed my summer vacation and it also became the sweetest and the memorable vacations. 
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