Warm blooded:-  Warm-blooded animal species can maintain a body temperature higher than their environment. In particular, homeothermic species maintain a stable body temperature by regulating metabolic processes. The only known homeotherms are mammals and birds. Other species have various degrees of thermoregulation.Animal body temperature control varies by species, so the terms "warm-blooded" and "cold-blooded" give a false idea of there being only two categories of body temperature control, and are no longer used scientifically. The terms are still in everyday use.

Cold blooded:-  Cold-blooded animals, like reptiles, amphibians, and fish, become hotter and colder, depending on the the temperature outside.
 E.g.,when the sun sets at night, their bodies are cooler because it is less warm outside. When the sun is out, however, their bodies soak up the heat and become warmer.