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Its was a fine sunny day. A crow and a peacock were sharing a mid day meal together. Crow senses that his friend peacock is very sad. He asked what’s the matter my friend what ails you? At first peacock said nothing but on crow’s insisting, peacock started talking, when i sing everybody laughs and tells me to stop. Why do I have such a bad voice? But when the nightingale sings, everybody appreciate her. The crow was surprised and said what a selfish bird you are. You have blessed with such a great beauty. Every living being is gifted with something special. You my dear friend peacock, have great beauty and instead of complaining, you should appreciate what you have, rather than cry about what you do not have. The peacock realized how selfish his thoughts were and realized its not correct to compare with others in each and every aspect of life. He thanked his good friend for this wise advice.
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