1. What is the name given to an Operating System which rely on Computer Language to perform operations?
Ans. CLI (Command Line Interface)

2. What does MSQBASIC stand for?
Ans. MicroSoft Quick Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

3. What is the syntax of the Command used in MS Command Prompt to locate a file?

4.Name the articles present in the MS Office Package.
Ans. (1)MS Word (2)MS Powerpoint (3)MS Publisher (4)MS InfoPath (5)MS Access (6)MS Excel

5. What does GUI stand for?
Ans. Graphical User Interface.

6. What was the first and most commonly used in the 90's operating system called?

7. Which is the most popular Operating System Package currently?
Ans. MS Windows

8.In MS PowerPoint, what is one page or so called?
Ans. Slide

9. MS Publisher is used commonly for what purpose?
Ans. Flyers and Advertising.

10. What is the fx used in tables to find the sum of a group of integers above?
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