This is a lovely little lyric that impresses its readers with its deft and delicate grace.
A lonely traveller on horseback on his usual route stops near some woods on a snowy evening, being bewitched by the beauty of the woods slowly filling up with snow. He can guess the identity of the owner of the woods as he has often passed through the place. However, that man is in his cosy home, away from the woods. While the traveller is feasting his eyes on the loveliness of the woods, his horse becomes restless. Not being sensitive to the wonderful sights of nature, the poor animal considers it strange to stop at such a place where there is no farmhouse. The horse in its impatience shakes its harness bells to find out whether his master has committed a mistake and landed up in the wrong place. In that silent and quiet atmosphere, the chiming of the horse's harness bells echoes in the air. Along with it, the swishing of the gentle winds and the falling of the feather-light snowflakes interrupts the solitude of the woods.
Although the snow-filled woods have charmed the traveller with their loveliness and created a sense of mystery with their darkness and depth, yet he remembers his responsibilities and moves on to fulfil them.
Even though the traveller was lured by the beauty of the woods in a snowy evening, which also charmed the poetic element in him, yet his sense of social responsibility made him bid a farewell yo the woods with a sigh to keep his social engagements.
Thus the poet conveys the message that we have to perform constructive labour to reach our goals before the eternal sleep engulfs us in its fold.