It is found betweeen skin and muscles,arond blood vessels and nerves and in bone marrow.It fills space inside organ,supports internal organs and help.
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Aerolar tissue is the basic and most widely distributed connective tissue. Its matrix contains four types of fibres and two types of cells.

The four types of fibre are:-
{.large stilette fibroblasts or fibrocytes that secrete fibres.

.Large amoeboid histiocytes or wandering phagocytes which engulf foreign substances.

.irregular mast cells that secrete the matrix and heparin.

.Small lympoid cells.}

Two types of fibres present in the matrix and inelastic white collagen fibres and elastic yellow elastin fibres.

Aerolar tissue is found below the skin, in the kidneys and surrounds the mucle bundles, blood vessles, etc.

Its functions are:-
.It is a binding tissue.
.It helps in the repair of body tissues after injury.
.Its histiocytes protect against infection by engulfing foreign substances.
.Mast cells are associated with allergic reactions.
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